It's Just Me. It's Just You. It's Our Stories.

Hi Friend,

I totally wish we were sitting together right now having coffee and just chatting about all things life because that's my jam! But since for now, we may just be meeting through this screen grab a cup of coffee and join me here!

I am wife and mom to two little people who literally are my WHYS. Only little people can make you feel like the most amazing person in the world followed up by the worst at times. Only little people can rub their sticky fingers on you and your new blouse and somehow you say "you are so cute." I love those little people. Don't you?

To be quite honest I am not so good at having photos taken. I know that sounds nuts but it's true. It can be stressful! What do I wear? What do the kids wear? Where do we take the photos? Will there be a bathroom there? Little people need to pee a lot! haha (secretly so do I) I blame the babies. Will we need to fast before hand so no one spills a drop of chocolate milk or else! If your like me, a hot mess mom (insert hand here) then you and I have much in common.

The best part of photos is getting away from all the stressful stuff and Pinterest worthiness and saying,

"Hi, were here in all our glory and mess to have our photos taken please"! 

If that's you well then we are kindred spirits and Storytelling is for you! You see, I want you to look back at your photos and time with me and say 1. Hey that looks like my family in those photos and 2. That was so easy and dare I say Fun!?!

Sounds impossible right? Well, friend it's not.

Here is what I have come to learn the best photos are the ones where you and your people are just that, You. Maybe for you that is breakfast at the table, stories in bed, or playtime at the park. Whatever that looks like for you I am here to help write and capture your story. Your story should be yours completely and so your family should look as such, uniquely you and irresistibly great! It's Just Me. It's Just You. It's Our Stories.